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Demigodz – The Demigodz

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исполнитель Demigodz

жанр Рэп

длительность 04:44

размер 5.84 MB

битрейт 172 kbps

загружено Alexey_95

The Demigodz
Ya know what? I’m sick of motherfuckers talkin about my niggas The Demigodz Y’all just mad cuz we don’t walk around with our thumbs In our asses like the rest of y’all jokers… You need a calvary squad to battle these Godz, when Apathy rocks To even the odds, you need cops after me with gats cocked I’m livin proof that we’re rulin with ease Coolin with cheese, schoolin all you foolish emcees Whether talkin to a chick or poppin off at the lip I’m always thinkin 'bout you rappers in a coffin and shit Scientists don’t try to document how often I spit To estimate the average body count when squashin a click Rappers are gettin wrecked due to lack of respect Cuz y’all couldn’t get signed if you was the back of a check It’s obvious, you little sucker motherfuckers copy this Like my styles were files, he faked saved to floppy disk (So why did they even try?) I haven’t got the foggiest But I turn fags into punchin bags Rocky hits On some Miagi shit, split you with karate kicks Draggin you through the pits of H-E double hockey sticks The Demigodz — will crush your clique (crush your clique!) The Demigodz — will fuck your bitch (fuck your bitch!) The Demigodz — don’t give a fuck (we don’t give a fuck!) The Demigodz — cuz your shit sucks (it sucks!) I am the feature presentation, your rhymes are just a segment A bitch could just look at me, and get herself pregnant I make bustin a gat look good cuz I hold it well In second grade I brought a live grenade to class for show-and-tell It’s obvious there ain’t no right, go look up «crazy motherfucker» In the dictionary and find a picture of Celph Titled I’m accurate when I terrorize, I am unique Fuck around and be in a wheelchair as a paralyzed amputee (Can't you see?!) I’m like Chuck Norris swingin his nunchucks Bitch-slappin these young sluts, spillin guts outta you dumb fucks Spit flames in battles, leave you cooked in ashes Illiterate son of a bitch you couldn’t read a book of matches — faggot! You know my steelo, I be bringin niggas the best beats Niggas’ll test me, get so shook they diagnosed for epilepsy I spit trife when I rip mics, nigga I been nice Fill you up with bulletholes and play the flute witcha windpipe Slice you in two pieces and you still ain’t half a man Take cover while I’m throwin rocks at you like cats in Pakistan Slap you with my gat-packin backhand, you half ass rap fan When my track jam, even the preacher sayin, «God Damn!!» You ain’t the man shinin, you need a hand witcha rhymin I’ll blow ya fuckin head off like a dandelion I jump in the arena and stand up to the lions Expand like a DNA strand in man science Former old scrolls, to gold on Spanish islands Pirate of the Caribbean brandishing iron Incredible, my rap is like a chemical drug Thugs buzz like metal touchin electrical plugs Even skepticals accept the skill is factual proof Spit my raps through the mic and fracture the glass in the booth And when it’s time to spit, fuck that complex shit I’d rather get crunk and fuck a project chick! (beyotch!) We blast cats with the artillery cannons Attached to the back of the black van me and Ap' caught damage in Brandishin weapons with anolitical tactical technicians Calculatin coordinates to guide missiles at victims For no apparent reason, we could leave you bleedin In a bathroom stall until the custodian comes and scrubs the walls Niggas is assed-out like blackbeats winkin I know you ragweeds been speakin, my tribe is like the Last Mohicans I’ll take your girl — and get her in the shower Molest her with a shampoo bottle — for half an hour You know how we do — when Apathy and Celph Titled come through Your wife’s a slut — she better watch her stuff (Niggas jockin my beats — why don’t you beat your meat?) Man y’all some bitch-ass fuckin niggas Runnin around listenin to that fuckin soft-ass rap music We won’t never be soft. y’all should be ashamed of y’all self Soft-ass scallywag mothefuckers. we 'bout to clown y’all this year
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