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Murkage – Can I Live (feat. Orelsan)

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исполнитель Murkage

жанр Дабстеп

длительность 03:53

размер 8.90 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Тера

Can I Live (feat. Orelsan)
Can I live live live Can I live live People say yeah yeah yeah People say yeah yeah yeah What a long night it was she stood well known Bikini pose Phone to her dome pink clone again Alone again martini spent So coke some then rum Miss star trek set to stun Blazing everybody Ibiza sun Are all the gold bars on mars enough funds How much did I burn about a monkey Drunken pouch up now she’s hungry Darling I’m us usually crouching bigger numbers Bigger bumpers That i stutter hope she’s butter Worth the spends Tonight i love her Triple a forever pass so fast Schoolboy maneuvers yeah cuz Can I live live live Can I live live People say yeah yeah yeah People say yeah yeah yeah Loose balling sinking shots Midnight lazer all on top 21 doubles the cartel’s lost Stripes and riddim blud, it’s a lot Stuntin like I don’t bruise Guzzling excuses And I’m wrecked Facebook then letters read Guilty spends for the girlfriend Stone cold stunners Buffness at breakfast Stunting at luncheon Going on reckless Delete that evidence gone Reloads on to the next song Pressure had me splashed on bricks Bruv… I’m in it for the kicks Empire built and sold in a day Running through the weekend In my own lane Can I live live live Can I live live People say yeah yeah yeah People say yeah yeah yeah It’s take off o’clock Who said the runway was blocked? Look at where all this blu-tacking And backpacking has got me Futile to stop me just share in my smile Couple guys might try it, but for how many miles? A field of hands glide up, the room erupts One million volts erase the ifs or the buts And I can’t hear, and I can’t breathe And all I can see is that bus stop Tequila fuzz provides a glaze No need for Ray Ban shades Hard Rain, it’s that Morgan Freeman wave Banger after banger mixed quickly It’s a shame the guy who paved the way for us was so shifty Buff tings of all description Suicide chicks, blazing Asians and Sisters My old girl is on a force ting, she’s bitter But I’m past cares, can’t hear her past the cheers And who needs love when you have all these wide eyed stares? Back at home they still don’t get it But at least they don’t condemn it any more They almost might respec' it… Yeah…
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