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Ballet School – Gray

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исполнитель Ballet School

длительность 03:22

размер 7.73 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Тера

Kissing as we cross Kissing as we cross Kissing as we cross again I saw your fate tonight Your summer has no reason I ask my body no questions And it tells no lies I know it’s been a while But I can say without ego That I never stopped loving you I never even tried All your moves are real to me You’re the only one No one else can ever compare to me and you I was her white woods and blonde hair who Wanted you And if you run, you don’t stop running But we’ll be kissing as we cross Kissing as we cross Kissing as we cross again Vast internal world And the lonely wolf theory If you’re a weaker man then Don’t have daughters like me Sick of suffering fools Youth is just bloodless If you never dare, never dare To break on through
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