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Havok – A pyrrhic victory for humanity

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исполнитель Havok

длительность 06:25

размер 11.40 MB

битрейт 248 kbps

загружено Tontons

A pyrrhic victory for humanity
I’m evolving upwards, forwards Running, seeing, feeling I shift from dust to water to dust In all my grace i’m kneeling The peace of danger left behind Easliy, willingly, passionately I comprehend the weakness of my kind And embrace all the ways i’m confined I’m awaken by sudden realization Of my pyrrhic victory Can anyone vindicate my creation Or am i nothing but this contradictory I’m a boulder in a world of water A petrified statue in rush hour Paralyzed, numb, cold A king of gravel released from his power Flickering vivid colour schemes Changing from black to white to black Amongst the side-scenes screams Of cold bodies aching to attack The great prize of life To vanquish and to be vanquished A gold medallion in chains Weighing a hundred tons
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