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The Game – Number One

The Game
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исполнитель The Game

жанр Классический рэп

длительность 03:19

размер 3.92 MB

битрейт 162 kbps

загружено Lel4ik

Number One
Dr. Forrest, dial one eighteen please Dr. Forrest, please dial one one eight Diddy ain't tell ya'll I run the city now? Play wack rappers like a stewardess, I sit 'em down Take flight like Holyfield and Mike, number one or two Lend me a ear I will chew you niggas like tobacco Major League shit, get hotter than Tabasco Make you eat shit 'Cause niggas can't see me, even with no tint On the Bentley, I'm simply A motherfuckin' magician when it come to dissapearin' rappers Shit happens Drama lead to bullshit, bullshit to foul play, foul play to gun play Then you see the Tahoe swervin' down the one-way Bangin' Big Poppa 'till the red dots spot ya Pop ya, drop ya, like the Rasta- Farian marijuana I blow like Sinatra Better call a docta', I gotcha nigga I'm number one I'm number one (x4) Who got you niggas gassed up? Treat em' like a bitch, fuck 'em, leave em' wit they ass up Screamin' like K-Ci & JoJo's last cut 'If ya think ya lonely", wait until tonight's up Black tape around ya wife and your daughter My lyrical slaughter's on time for your departure Look what all that slick shit bought ya, this rap torture Brought to you by your's finest, your highness Drop to your knees, say your fuckin' prayers Thou shalt not fuck with he who is greater The emcee slayer, put niggas to sleep, have em' counting sheep Get up in that ass real deep Like a dildo, for real do', I let the steel blow Get real low, I show you motherfuckers how it feel, so You can watch me, kick shit like a steel toe While you fall off the charts real slow I'm number one I'm number one (x4) Put whoever at number two, fuck number three Time to show 'em what them numbers do Fist album five mil, second; four and a half Subtract two quarters After the Math (I'm number one) Like that Lil' Penny nigga Play yo position, that go for any nigga Big or tall, Bruce Bruce or a skinny nigga Die fast, my nine milli is surgical Give niggas gastric bypass when I murder yo I WILL creep, dim the lights on the fuckin' Jeep Gotta aim for his head cuz them bullets ain't cheap If I load the Glock nine, count the bodys on the street I was born hardcore: A Menace II Society Caine and O-Dog in one, nigga I just begun To break niggas o' they disrespectful habits I got ta have it, talkin' the green and the fuckin' carrots I'm number one (I'm number one) Evil Empire, laughing all the way to the bank hahahaha
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