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The Mick Fleetwood Band – Looking Into You

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исполнитель The Mick Fleetwood Band

правообладатель Sanctuary Records

жанр Рок

длительность 00:30

размер 10.92 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner Music Group

Looking Into You
Well, I looked into a house I once lived in Around the time I first went on my own When the roads were as many as the places I had dreamed of And my friends and I were one Now the distance is done and the search has begun I’ve come to see where my beginnings have gone Oh, the walls and the windows were still standing And the music could be heard at the door Where the people who kindly endured my odd questions Asked if I came very far And when my silence replied they took me inside Where their children sat playing on the floor Well, we spoke of the changes that would find us farther on And it left me so warm and so high But as I stepped back outside to the gray morning sun I heard that highway whisper and sigh Are you ready to fly? And I looked into the faces all passing by It’s an ocean that will never be filled And the house that grows older and finally crumbles That even love cannot rebuild It’s a hotel at best, you’re here as a guest You oughta make yourself at home while you’re waiting for the rest Well, I looked into dream of the millions That one day the search will be through Now here I stand at the edge of my embattled illusions Looking into you The great song traveler passed through here And he opened my eyes to the view And I was among those who called him a prophet And I asked him what was true Until the distance had shown how the road remains alone Now I’m looking in my life for a truth that is my own Well I looked into the sky for my anthem And the words and the music came through But words and music will never touch the beauty that I’ve seen Looking into you — and that’s true
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