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Strange U – Grizzle

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исполнитель Strange U

жанр Рэп

длительность 03:22

размер 7.73 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Тера

Yo yo, the Lord Shaper The author of the dream Clear the path it’s the sorceror supreme A known threat forever the clad veteran My backpack contains elephant man skeleton You enjoy buying trainers A person like me enjoys firing lasers Dark side of the force I am the greatest In the pantheon of losers Of course I’m the A-list Great skills, never pay bills I must be truly insane to stay real Can’t get enough of those underground beats though Deathline freakshow Severed head free throw -switch- Catch a starfall wish You are now a cat avatar for a witch The beat got you placed in the rare spot This area getting spaced out to airlock Gone without a trace Busting out of space Eyeballs popping out the face -Oh no he didn’t- Oh yes he did Oh, so bewitching Pole position The flow is so bitching Relentless like a no hope coke addiction No hope for this one Yo, I’m on my grind on my -grizzle- Let me hear it one time with the -grizzle- Hands high up in the air it’s the -grizzle- Like a huge bear I’m on my -grizzle- It’s all real in the force field Haters wanna hate but I’m spitting raw skill You can say it’s odd but I’m taking off when I reach Super Saiyan God Nephilim brains on large barbeques Finessing a wave of charged particles With the gem of infinite sounds i blaze you Only when the planets are one Begin phase two Doc Strange with the eye of agamotto The highest Another getting flyer is a no no The shooting star was a flyer for dope show -smash!- One survivor had a GoPro Now it’s all upon your interwebz Switch view see the evil gods on the infrared In your head hear voices from beyond Twelve mystical elders rejoicing in the song Put the diesel in the bong Hold it in your chest till the evil one is gone And elevate to a higher echelon Gaze upon my form now I'm Metatron What are you perceiving? What do you believe in? What are you? A demon? -Azazul, Asmodeus- What are you? A heathen? Yo, I’m on my grind on my -grizzle- Let me hear it one time with the -grizzle- Hands high up in the air it’s the -grizzle- Like a huge bear I’m on my -grizzle-
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