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Strange U – Hank Henshaw

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исполнитель Strange U

жанр Рэп

длительность 04:02

размер 9.26 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Тера

Hank Henshaw
Now I’m divorced from the flesh Caught in an awkward mess Her eyes were up here I was talking before the chest Awful, see the hand morphing onto the breast Caught a hundred hand slap, now falling onto his death Landfill ladybugs Anvils on baby thugs (unveils zombaby dolls) Man kills nature’s love Banished from the place above Atom bomb schoolyard The laughing helicopter The idiot was too smart targeting dead imposters Multicoloured skin wars Fighting for a grim cause Illuminati in-stores, partying with the Griswalds Propane cigarettes, cocaine internet Pornographic incest with novocain interest Wolfgang salad bar, flannel shirt avatar Slap box with He-Man Lick shots at Man-At-Arms Muscle bound skeleton who revels in the death of men The sky’s bleeding red again The meteor was heaven sent Five o’clock shadow shit Ducking from an arrow tip Barbie doll’s narrow hips Sitting where the Pharaoh shits My friend died, I’ll never see his face again I think I’m heading to that place again The computer won’t take me alive. Dinosaur cyborg blazing his laser eyeballs Clearly he’s merely famished Tasting the flavor time law Cannibalized lies from the jaws of horseradishes Decrypted by the black vegetarian Norse evangelist Abort a devil’s spawn freak Criminals still walk free Justice served, warp speed Back on the street for more beef The aperture hooked up Animal Farm book club Murdering those you should love Or shook, trynna look tough Presidential blood wrist This is in the underworld Super tsunami flood risk You’re missing in the summer swirl Joker of the pact Holder of the gat It’s just in? for your life force The owner of the trap Brutality’s prey Dancing on humanity’s grave Taxidermied fetuses, radically deranged Rabbit’s foot lucky charm unless you ask the rabbit Reality’s monotonous unless you ask for magic Powerdrunk swivel chair Its underlings live in fear Angel guard isn’t here Just to make it crystal clear Yeah, I’m heading to the place again I’ll never be the same again
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