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Strange U – Eden's Husk (feat. Jehst)

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исполнитель Strange U

жанр Рэп

длительность 03:31

размер 8.06 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Тера

Eden's Husk (feat. Jehst)
Yo, it’s 2050 We’re living on Eden’s husk and the planet is heated up It was us, I’ve seen enough The scene is dust They killed the atmosphere so the process pumping the toxic fumes in the air They call it progress Progression from optimum damn breathing To walking round in the city with oxygen tank, wheezing We were warned but didn’t heed the message Then came the rewards, deliveries were endless Giant dust storms like the surface of Mars We worship the stars wishing we were further from ours The sky’s burning, aviation is over The ozone is gone, radiation exposure Can you handle all the dread? The ecosystem is fucked, all the animals are dead Could all have been avoided if we thought about the future Now it’s all up in the toilet Polar ice caps melting into the ocean Two hundred foot tidal waves clashing over the barriers To travel as far as the inner city The ones who escape will be the ones to write history Unless they cannibalize each other’s flesh In a mess trynna rationalize each other’s deaths Punishing the earth, keep it up We all gonna perish in Eden’s husk Yeah, the devils were very enterprising They left the planet when they saw the sea levels rising Arriving at a conclusion we can never prevent There’s only one year left, extinction level event Guillotine basket where the head fell Earthquakes crack the planet’s crust like an egg shell Eden’s husk is a living hell Radiation poisoning mutating every living cell The consolation gift we receive A lifetime supply of air, unfit to breathe As the contaminants pollute the lungs But just look at the superhuman powers that the losers won Oh wait, that was only in comics The destruction of the planet is a matter of economics Things turning rapidly catastrophic But nobody’s gonna stop it Till somebody stands to profit Make money money, make money money money Take money money, take money money money The air turned black and the water tastes funny Gonna need more than Ray-Bans when it’s sunny The effects of the green house gases And rain turned acid The cancerous rays bake the planet Volcanic plates break the granite With a tectonic shift that can raise the Titanic
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