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Mary Kay Place – Baby Boy

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исполнитель Mary Kay Place

правообладатель Sony Music Entertainment Legacy Recordings,Sony Music Entertainment Legacy Recordings

длительность 00:30

размер 7.05 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено id50219081

Baby Boy
Well, I never will forget The first time that we met, Dancin' squares and a do-si-do-in' at the V.F. Hall. He was old as my pappy, But that didn’t make me unhappy. He was cute as the dickens, Just a doll. Had no hair on your head, But a lot above your lip; You was all dressed up in cowboy corduroy. Felt my soul start a thrashin' And my heart-strings a lashin' I knew I had found my Baby Boy. Chorus: Baby Boy, Baby Boy Sweet Charlie, you’re my Big ole Baby Boy. Well, you’re my life And you’re my joy; You’re my precious bedtime toy. Sweet Charlie, you’re my Big ole Baby Boy. Later on that night You asked me would it be all right If you took me for a bit To the Tas-tee Freeze. Well, we shared some chunky tuna; Then we kissed under the moon-a, And I knew forever We’d be thick as fleas. And then quicker than a wink, I said, «Now, Baby Boy, I think It’s time we tied the knot, Said nupital vows.» My folks cried, «Cradle robber!» I said, «Please, he’s my heart-throbber. The Lord wants us together Here and now.» (Chorus) Ev’ry single day I count my blessings and I say, «Thank you, Lord for sending me My Baby Boy. Life with him’s a pleasure And there’s no way I can measure All the love I feel inside for Baby Boy. And I just found out today That our baby’s on the way, An expression of our love And of our joy. Well, a girl would be delightin' And, oh, it sure would be excitin' To have my Baby Boy’s baby boy. (Chorus)
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