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DJ Vigilante – Pasop

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исполнитель DJ Vigilante

правообладатель Sony Music Entertainment

длительность 00:30

размер 10.25 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Sony Music Entertainment

It’s the dust Dj Vigi Angeke balung' (x2) Bahlokoloz' inyok' emgodin' Bay’tshel' ukuth' Angek' ibalum' Hello Reporting live from the Hillbrow Towers, yeah There’s no denying it, the city is ours Jo 'zobuyisnayi if you even doubt us Le-game what would it be without us U lames, just need to hit the showers Elokshini they dont give a shit about ya U gon make me slap the shit about ya And you been a coward (gwala ndini) Skhanda gawd, I’m the pinnacle Kleva sfun ukwaz are you friend or foe Coz I’ll pull your card n you’ll get exposed Mina ngzel' igwap, what you in it fo' When I’m with this dark skinned centerfold The boy going hard in a foreign car With a foreign broad no xenophobe UVigi ne CashTimeLife is in this bitch Syabangen (Syabangen x3) The streets are mesmerized We flipped the script Once again (Once again x3) Too many rappers are running they mouths Busy talking that this and a third Nooo scholar I’m ready to pounce on these suckers Just gimme the word Magenge we made it (x2) Bheka sinjan ntwana We totally famous Hogging the greatness Yekel' inkan Yeah it’s funny you hate it But you need a favour Uhleka noban' Been watchin your statements Your twitter and pages Uhleka ngelam Now you wanna be friends No no bade Back to the deep end Drown slow bade I ain’t pulling you or your lame ass crew Just pulling ma socks when I flame this booth buddy So do the same Tshela amajita You too lame Yekel' uk’sina Everything changes n if you fall who’s to blame Me Skhanda queen in this bitch Yehlis' umoya Ngek' ung' yenze niks Killing this shit I’m as real as it gets If you put my name on it That shit is a hit Yeah, I be doing my thing When I do it, I do it real big Bathi young Mabrrr La phakath' kweZola budd Cwal' istraat, double parking Hawungasazi buza ngathi Bitches tryna share Mara ang' naso lesu skhathi (hell no) Yeah they be wanting my swaggie (yeah ho) They dying they wish they could have it But they know they couldn’t touch it not even if theeey Double tapped it Got your man crush Mondaaay In my ear We getting mad moneeey Over here Yeah we getting mad turnt in this bitch And he talking some crazy ass shit Tryna get my knickers in a twist So I gave him the flick of the wrist Bavala ngapha Vele s’vule ngapha S’khuze ngapha Siy’suse ngale Siyak' gcoba lana mawungena frustani Vel' ezami zino cuku kabi Ntwana sisharp siney' thupha kabi We counting money ngey’thupha sani Ng’phelelwa mathe seng’dinga amanzi They don’t understand how he really does it Kuthand' ucash kwenze ngibe ne timing Lapho k’khandw' ucash is where you’ll find me (uzong thola daar) Wonk' umuntu unama phutha sbali And yiyona ndlela yok’funda sbali Yind' inamev' iyahlaba And ayikh enyidlela yok’phanda Mara fed' uMa-E iganda ganda Ke mang o nale ma thata Pasop (x2) Ah, ngigibela ibeat ngimoshe Kikilikiki ngeke balunge Abakhuphula amasecret socks Can’t fuck with the street king mpinsthi Me I’m more 46 664 I’m money behind bars Style is ice cold Flow is in liquid form Elami iverse ligqiba inkonzo Ekse mfana z’thini You, thought you could get on my level But really that’s, just but a dream Unevibe aw’naswing You can’t touch my star studded team Kid X, K. O, Madoez, Skhanda Queen UVigi uphethe umlilo Ngapha noMaggz parafini Ak’sanak’thini
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