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Sirenia – A Shadow Of Your Own Self

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исполнитель Sirenia

правообладатель Warner/Chappell Ltd

длительность 05:58

размер 13.65 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено aulith

A Shadow Of Your Own Self
Tell me now you sinner you run for a better world Tell me why you"d leave her despite all the hurt Don"t deny that you once tried to mend the circumstances now out of hand And don"t deny your life"s a living hell you"re a shadow of your own self Tell me now you sinner still lost in your secret world Tell me now you"ve seen her you know how she hurts Don"t deny that you will understand the circumstances of pain at hand And don"t assert that we will both survive «cause I can"t take more of life Stretch your arms out for the fire for another dark desire In the fields you burn with loss again as you dream your life away Say: would you never walk away on the break of a coming day Would you end this line with me Would you like to waste away what we"ve ever been? Would you like to come along with me? Would you like to lay to rest our insanity? Would you like to cope for the unreal?
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