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De/vision – Flavour Of The Week (Intuition`s US Edit)

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исполнитель De/vision

длительность 04:54

размер 11.25 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Тanita

Flavour Of The Week (Intuition`s US Edit)
She's overwhelming She's beyond compare Her eyes reflect the sun Her fragrance fill the air I like the way she makes me wanna lose control My heart is overflowing with feelings I don't know You think you're perfect yes it's true This world was made for me and you I would suppose we have a go You gotta tell me I gotta know Tonight that much I understand Has not turned out the way I've planned I got kissed from above I can't believe it it must be love No there ain't nothing That I wouldn't do Come on and rock my world I look good right next to you Shed your light upon me Baby you're so sweet Simply out of sight You're the flavour of the week
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