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Fox (noosha Fox) – Georgina Bailey

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исполнитель Fox (noosha Fox)

длительность 04:00

размер 9.19 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено lordweiss

Georgina Bailey
Georgina Bailey had come of age Her mother sent her off to France To live with Jean-Paul, her loving uncle Teacher of drama and modern dance He taught her fine cuisine, showed her things she’d never seen He was the perfect gentleman And in the evenings she got warm feelings She didn’t seem to understand She loved his company, proud walking with him Turning her eyes from young men’s glance Jean-Paul meant everything, would have had her on a string None of the young men had a chance He was a very special man Well known and loved in all Marseilles And in the women’s eyes was fancied For his debonair and charming ways Georgina Bailey had come of age And all her thoughts turned to romance One summer evening saw the beginning Of what they call «amour"in France She fell completely, quite indiscreetly Jean-Paul did not know what to say «But, I am your uncle, I love you like an uncle» Oh, it is well known in Marseilles Jean-Paul keeps company with a man from gay Paris You see, Georgina, that’s his way
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