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Hatchet – Awaiting Evil

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исполнитель Hatchet

жанр Метал

длительность 05:48

размер 13.30 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено zuramaama

Awaiting Evil
Lucifer! His power reigns on all Satan’s army, the ones who burn in Hell Evil legions, obeying their commands Reign of terror, die by their hands Procreate, the wicked to unveil Full of hate, they cast destruction’s spell Conjurate, ready to deploy It’s too late! They are ready to destroy! Necro, the dead begin to rise Hell unleashed, right before your eyes Evil groans, torment your mind Every corner, you won’t know what you will find Children scream, eyes filled with tears You now meet all your darkest fears Holy terror, army of the damned Evil torment, rise of the undead Beating you to the ground, your final breath Awaiting evil Thirst for blood, reach out for you, face the end Awaiting evil Lifeless souls fall through the gates of Hell Awaiting evil Demons wait, thirsting for your virgin flesh Awaiting evil Cast from Hell, lusting for your flesh Predator In the shadows, ready for the kill Terminate Legions of the dead line up ready to destroy Face the wrath Sign of evil, the bloodshed fills you with terror Living dead Sweet revenge, your blood is on my mind Satisfy my need for death and crime Death will rule, creature of the force Time is out, the end brings no remorse Serpents fall, demons take your life Hell’s creation, Satan stands tall No escape! The evil demon’s stride Face the end! Now join evil’s ride
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