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Apollo Brown – Brainwash

Apollo Brown
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исполнитель Apollo Brown

длительность 03:57

размер 9.06 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Тера

[Verse One] [yU]: Started when pops filled up slot with four quarters Push forward, you're born in Long live the ones who never fall in the trends We're revolving again, spin cycle Seen so many others just like you and I That got bleached but my roots run deeper than that We interact minglin' dark and light colors Brothers and sisters gotta rinse the system Yo Cause our soul is a heavy load They make it seem like you got a fold Neatly, but I was told, years ago That if you don't ask you never know It's kinda like the wet clothes left out, begin to mold Ghetto's gettin' bleached now that's serious Movin' us out like we some kind of blackteria And most areas our peoples are lost We write songs just to even the odds Brainwash [Man talking]: Who are we? Where are we? And are we all where we ought to be? We have to ask those critical questions. Are you following me? So it's putting those things under the microscope. We have to understand, the basic, fundamental definition or we're bout to lose [Verse Two] [Grap Luva]: Rappers Are now being watched like Black Panthers So many dead artists and so little answers They not watchin' the elephants, they watchin' the ants When you tell 'em to solve the murder of 'Pac they say they can't Deep lies, deception in the bowels of fame Sex, lies and murder is all a part of the game High stakes Especially when big papers involved Money movements will always get the problem solved Expunge the gun charges, leave jail, live large then repeat the crime Till somebody drops dime When they bag you, they did what you like, you street trash But if you got cash then of course your name gets splashed to the media For the blood, the vamps get greedier We recognize you've just be victimized by the brainwash Should've known the game's watched with deception But don't let it change your perception [Man talking]: There was a brother that came off and said that all the negro spirituals that they used to sing in church, were constructed and put together with the black keys on the piano only. Fela Kuti says "Music is a weapon." How are we gon' use this thing to do that? As a weapon? When our open enemy already knows that and he's using the music to work against us [Verse Three] [Finale]: They watchin' your pocket watch rock back and forth A group of suit and tie guys go behind closed doors Go to war when they devise new ways they can divide you Disguise truth and distract the poor Eyes and ears follow propaganda, fantasy fake A synthetic world we waste in it's early stages They figure we ain't got it so we gon' want it And when we get it we gon' flaunt it Oh it just do what it do In order to get through it and do it again I refuse to lose into an illusion reduced by those who infused The delusion of grandeur in this for they amusement Confusion from a brand an image a fan can mimic Hard to find any sense in it Part time hypnotist Twistin' it, the kids have a hard time gettin' it I know I am ????? tell the younger ones under Yeah, the fence ain't as high as it used to be Malevolent, swingin' one another like a Bruce Lee movie Can't move me from the front line, ain't say "trust" I'm the cold water tossed on your face, wake up [Man talking]: So if hip hop is something that you are and rap is something that you do, then that needs to be defined. So, if you go to any church, any Sunday, sit quiet and listen to the rhythm of the hand claps and the sisters tappin' they feet. You can go to any village in Africa and hear the same patterns and the same rhythms. Am I right or am I wrong? (Right)
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