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A Camp – Algebra

A Camp
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исполнитель A Camp

длительность 03:30

размер 4.82 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено Lovelas

Why can't you just forget about algebra It's all about you now And all your talk of logic and formula Could never help you now Not anymore 'Cause you were always On the run From the darkness In your heart So you wear it On the outside Of your chest I have taken the liberty To tell your ghosts to go Brighten with sunlight and simpathy They promise not to show For a while 'Cause you were always The little boy Who couldn't keep it To yourself So your heart Is on the outside Of your chest At the speed of love You moved inside my home And nothing is alright If you are still alone And your heart Is waiting that The sound of you and everyone Is still you're always on the wrong From the poison in your love And your heart Is on the outside Of your chest
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