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Lack of Limits – Golden Vanity

Lack of Limits
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исполнитель Lack of Limits

жанр Фолк

длительность 07:11

размер 16.45 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено id50209767

Golden Vanity
A ship I’ve got in the north country called the Golden Vanity And I fear it will be taken by the Spanish galleon To the captain spoke the cabin boy «What's in for me if I destroy The Spanish galley on the sea as we sail by the lowlands low?» The captain spoke to the cabin boy «More than you can handle, son Your own ship you’ll get with a crew on board As we sail by the lowlands low» And we sail by the lowlands low At night the boy bared his breast and sprang Into the sea with his heart in his hand He swam to the Spanish galleon as she lay by the lowlands low Some were playing cards, some were playing dice He surprised them all with his whispering knife Flames were dancing in broken eyes As they burned by the lowlands low The cabin boy returned to the labour side he said «Captain, take me in! I’m drifting with the tide!» «Your courage is only exceeded by your foolishness!» he replied «No one is getting rich today by the lowlands low» «The burning Spanish galleon is yours to own, my son It was a pleasure cheating you and don’t you forget to go Down on your ship!» the cabin boy kept yelling till he was gone He drowned by the lowlands low
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