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Von Poe VII – Forgive me

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исполнитель Von Poe VII

длительность 04:51

размер 11.18 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено zuramaama

Forgive me
I see me in a lot of you niggas So I gotta tell you the truth I can’t lie to you niggas I used to really want to get it Split this pie with you niggas But now I’m on some other shit I’m finna body you niggas Who’s really sick with the flow Who’s really gettin' the doe Cause I’m so focused on this paper I can’t see you know me Man I’m soaring to the top You niggas still on the floor I asked some people bout your music Shit, they didn’t know They sing along to my tracks Like its Frozen Cause the flow frozen Bitch you know I goes in This is just a message for them posers (just a message for them posers) This is just a message for them niggas Hanging on to my shoulders (hanging on to my shoulders) All this weight I’m carrying Is bringing me down All this weight I’m carrying Is bringing me down Life Change People Change (4x) Forgive me I can’t carry all you niggas, man What’s a dream to a nightcrawler? What’s waterboarding to a Wave Lordsman? In a minute I’m waving off this my niggas I only came for the goal And my shooter Von Poe I’ve been living this wave close to a decade A square garden in me Niggas rappin radical ideology Pimp please, you stressed over hoes She cold, I fucked that bitch in a snowball Close calls kept my wave large She pray to a nigga, I’m a god Wavo, bullets with pesos I wrote the coke Bible It’s the Wave Ghost Love me or leave me alone It’s Wavo Stallone Pistol in my hamate bone Let alone niggas is Wave clones DigitAL Capone What planet you landing on? It’s Wavo Philosophical gangsta Word to the meek While ya’ll chillin on your comfy I was roaming these streets While ya’ll was selfish With your living I was generous giving Given then was dividends That could of made us millions A few of us turned killah R.I.P. to the foes Get your spirit right with god Before you step to the lord God willing, this horror story Is something we finish Riverside, Riverside It’s P-Town in the building A check for every country in the continent European scholarships An African shorty for my accomplishments Let alone pretty toes for my daily scrolls Paint the picture You niggas acting in your videos killah Bullshit aside, we learned the difference From bandannas, and Chuck Taylors To hoppin' fences From house parties and gangbangin' To fuckin' bitches Spray cans to politicing And racial tension Tried to undermine the struggle And got lost in the hustle That should of been a flip You too old for this shit Word is bond Recognize the truth I’m speaking I bang through speakers I spit words, I could go deeper Quoth The Raven, nevermore I rip through vocal chords Von Scorsese or Poe Pesci And we ain’t shooting videos We shootin' movies Ya’ll niggas should of used me Now you lookin' basic as fuck I tell em It’s like they try to clip your wings When you rising Yet I see the horizon All the snakes and lies and weak ties They feel you need to get your proper shine So I’m out for mine Flow charge you up Like it’s alkaline Gotta keep peddling the ink Til I found a shine Even when I pass Know the music’s still bound in time Nothing ever lasts But these moments always sound define Shoot it from the heart Like the symbol of a Valentine Tryin' to find peace like Palestine Balanced I’m callus to the cold world Whoever wanna doubt my mind I pick battles with self So I could vouch the grind Seen the shadows of Hell Chills ran down my spine I gotta do it for the ones Who ain’t around in life I’ll let the pain spill Knowing it could drown the mic That’s what my brain is like I’m trying to elevate my dawgs Forgive me, I ain’t stoppin' How I build for none of ya’ll
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