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Seafood – What May Be The Oldest

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исполнитель Seafood

правообладатель Warner Music Group Rhino

длительность 00:30

размер 7.26 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner-Music-Group

What May Be The Oldest
So how does it feel you made a fresh start I slept as fuelled the fire in your heart I got no regrets just happy we spent Just like you said were shaped for something else (Chorus) I've been waiting for my turn And I am not that scared of you And I will not be confused And looking back I think I always knew No point in denial Escape for fresh air Wish I could tell Too scared of what comes next So hard to resist So try to forget The sarcasm fits Been working on my smile (Chorus) Been waiting for my turn Too scared of what comes next I've been waiting for my turn One day this all will make some sense What may be the oldest always hurts the same
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