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Moving Units – Submission

Moving Units
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исполнитель Moving Units

длительность 04:22

размер 5.32 MB

битрейт 169 kbps

загружено ooooooooooooooo

As the eyes stare everywhere The flood of (lies spells down) To clean the mind of everyone To clean it on my own As the eyes stare everywhere No seed will ever grow As my eyes stare inside me I feel the (parish fall) (the sad ache) of my visions And I feel they’re not too far The ethic evolution (corrodes) (a rapture over) chaos And I see what this (all means) (confusion) is born to suffer The situation is infected by all I (have) submission, I feel submission Submission, I feel submission And I’m a part of it We’re (dominators) to the end We isolate and we pretend We rescue and we (don't care) We make this world (where it bloody stands) We just know (from where) we come We (bother of the lies) scum I know the end is not too far Too far to help me (the sad ache) of my visions and I know they’re not too far The ethic evolution (corrodes) in what we are Now we try to research (from lies we’re hardly in) Now we try to (reject) whose fault all this has been
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