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Darkseed – Can`t Explain

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исполнитель Darkseed

длительность 05:00

размер 6.88 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено vdemon

Can`t Explain
Shadow-veiled, passing years I can’t see the sun Where’s the land of friends? Darkness conquers us When the dawn of night begins Deep beneath my chilling fears Lives the ocean of my tears I don’t understand the world Bodies frozen, love stands still As the sun was doomed And I turn to look to you There are no words I can use I can’t explain the goings of the world Dark and cold I can’t explain misery I can’t explain cruelty I can’t explain success of lying I turn away Anger pounds, sorrow surrounds I can’t stand this pain Neverending emptiness Everyday we look away We are all alone I am sorry I can’t explain Cruelty Misery
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