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Artificial Brain – Anchored to the Inlayed Arc

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исполнитель Artificial Brain

жанр Метал

длительность 03:48

размер 8.72 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено user_11112222

Anchored to the Inlayed Arc
Between my ears there’s a swarm of bees It only listens to it’s collective need My programming My dust In my presence Electric lust Anchored to an inlayed arc Evolving like layers of bark I was once just dust like you before, to And I see And I learn A light that eternally burns (as long as I charge) Like you I burn fuel for all of my parts Sometimes my glitches are self induced I’ve learned that flaws are ways of finding truths I’ve seen so many lives come and go Observing their traits has helped me put on a show «I want out, automate»
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