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Desire for Sorrow – Tainted hopes

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исполнитель Desire for Sorrow

длительность 04:30

размер 10.36 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено zuramaama

Tainted hopes
Eyes in pure innocence Gaze eagerly at the fading horizon In a distance, aurorae stain the skies Their bright colors make them bleed Two moons have arisen… In sacred chambers voices are whispering Of times that have been and times to come Hoping to achieve fragile balance But inevitably, all changes for the worse In a dark chamber the summit takes place For this night and all nights to come Hoping to achieve devastating war But what will remain there’s no way to know Is it a phantasm or cruel truth? They are both the same, yet in all different The moon rules over night inexorably The choice is difficult — Which one shall ascend tomorrow? Hopefully, we won’t see tomorrow The enemy is always the other side In peace we prepare for war In war we hope for peace again Why stand on the side of good When to our foes we are evil
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