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Oh No! Oh My! – The Backseat

Oh No! Oh My!
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исполнитель Oh No! Oh My!

длительность 04:36

размер 8.10 MB

битрейт 246 kbps

загружено ooooooooooooooo

The Backseat
Swing your arms into a ghost That made a stare alive And I turned my heels and run But they already ran away I know you saw a smile But you been off the hinge By now the cover’s blown And everybody is far away Somewhere on the line I could have had the time I’d be happier with you What else could I do In the backseat Dear I know we had a while And that was all I have And I roam all over town But now the ghost won’t go away You sink into the sun You left me by the planks And you tell everyone Now he is far away Dear I’m all alone My mind and only? kind I’m happier with you What else could I do In the backseat With no sign Now my love is dead You were my best friend Started in the car Ended with my heart In the backseat The backseat
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