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Steve Taylor – Am I In Sync?

Steve Taylor
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исполнитель Steve Taylor

правообладатель Universal Music Group Sparrow

жанр Поп

длительность 04:24

размер 10.07 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

Am I In Sync?
Steve: I don't know Woody Are you sure you've got this think hooked up right? Woody: Listen man, music is my life Steve: Alright. Two, three, four Hey! What are you doing? What's goin' on? Woody: Sorry Synthesizer rock ruled Jessica's feet As a slave the that ubiquitous beat Visions of the big screen danced in her head 'In a matter of time' she said Jessie never got her Hollywood role And the pogo nights have taken there toll She can do the monkey off o' the cuff But her mind had a missing link... CHORUS Am I In Sync? Paint a picture on a subway train Carve my name in a video game Am I In Sync? Out looking for the camera crews Sell my soul for a second on the evening news Am I In Sync? Live 'til the bubble pops Hold my breath when the big one drops Am I In Sync? Immortality is what I'm buying But I'd rather be immortal by not dying Laboratory rats made Roger a fink And the laws of science drove him to drink Working for the taste of public acclaim And a cure that bore his name Nobel prizes would have been nice But he lost his mind to renegade mice Roger traded dreams of 'Man of the Year' For an understanding shrink... (CHORUS) Steve: Alright. Let's try it again Woody, what are you doin'? You told me you knew how to use this thing Woody: Sorry (CHORUS) Steve: Alright. Get it right this time. Three, four Yeah now that wasn't so hard was it? Woody, what's goin' on? Woody: Sorry It's this machine You can fix it in the mix Listen, I kinda like it Have you ever heard of, uh, poly-rhythms? I hear Bowie's gonna do this on his next album Steve: What a relief
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