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Ramblin' Jack Elliott – Railroad Bill

Ramblin' Jack Elliott
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исполнитель Ramblin' Jack Elliott

правообладатель Universal Music Group Vanguard Records

жанр Фолк

длительность 05:07

размер 11.75 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

Railroad Bill
Rail-road Bill, Rail-road Bill He never worked, and he never will And it's ride, ride, ride Rail-road Bill's a mighty mean man Shot the light out of the poor brake-man's hand Rail-road Bill, up on a hill Lighting a cigar with a ten-dollar bill Rail-road Bill took my wife If I didn't like it, going to take my life Going on a mountain, going out west Thirty-eight special sticking out of my vest Buy me a pistol just as long as my arm Shoot everybody ever done me harm Got a thirty-special in a forty-five frame I can't miss 'cause I got dead aim Rail-road Bill, he ain't so bad Whipped his mama, shot his old dad Early one morning, standing in the rain Round the bend come a long freight train Rail-road Bill a-coming home soon Killed McMillan by the light of the moon McMillan had a special train When they got there they was praying Kill me a chicken, send me the wing They think I'm working,Lord, I ain't doing a thing Kill me a chicken, send me the head Think I'm working, Lord, I'm laying in bed Going to drink my whiskey, drink it in the wind The doctor said it'd kill me but he didn't say when
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