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Seth Lakeman – The Charmer

Seth Lakeman
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исполнитель Seth Lakeman

правообладатель Universal Music Group Relentless/Virgin

длительность 02:33

размер 5.86 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено universal

The Charmer
A soldier is obsessed with his love - a True charmer For the charmer courted me And she stole away my love When my heart was young and fair She was the maid beyond compare When my head was hanging low Well, she fought through frost and snow In my arms she'll rest away For the charmer I would name Tell it to the charmer, so fine and pretty Farewell charmer She brought that summer fright We were separate every night On those winter days to prove She's away on the morning dew I wish but it's in vain For the soldier I became Fighting lands I'd never see For the grass will cover me Tell it to the charmer, so fine and pretty Farewell charmer Well her bed is fine as silk The sheets as white as milk When my heart has gone away I'll leave a bed as cold as clay She has two hearts I have none All alone when I am done To that charmer I endure For the price of love and war So tell it to the charmer, she's so fine And pretty Farewell charmer
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