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Tiamat – Apothesis Of Morbidity

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исполнитель Tiamat

длительность 06:04

размер 5.55 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено dev_admin

Apothesis Of Morbidity
Awaiting dawn for a night of unholiness Awaiting a sign as sacrifice is cast Bow down to the lord of eternal might Save us from the second coming of christ Watching as the virgin writhe in fear Drain her blood from a gasp in her throat Set fire to the altar and watch her burn Unholy buried in an unholy grave (pre.ch.:) The blood of the sacrifice seeps into the ground Crimsoned liquid stains the pentagram Unholy warriors on an antichrist crusade The efforts of the unnamed is proved and witnessed (ch.:) Walk into the Night without fear Under the black Sky we immolate The prevention Of rebirth Sacrificed blood Stains the earth Reading scripts from scrolls of parchment Written in fear with trembling hand Hebreic spells and arab ecstasy Black magic curses to mortify mankind Breath the incense mixed with blood Fill up the thurible with fresh skin Approach the altar once again Lit up the fire and carnage is a fact (pre.ch.) (ch.) (bridge:) Apotheosis of morbidity In the sign of the dark and the bounds of the black Revel in the cursed morbidity Burning the church and assassinate God Apotheosis of morbidity Again we will rise and terrorize Revel in neurotic virtuosi Revel in their face and dance on their graves
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