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Tal Farlow – Deed I Do (Breakdowns)

Tal Farlow
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исполнитель Tal Farlow

правообладатель Universal Music Group Verve Reissues

жанр Джаз

длительность 05:26

размер 12.46 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

Deed I Do (Breakdowns)
Come a rain storm put your rubbers on your feet Comes a snow storm you can get a little heat Comes love nothing can be done Comes a fire then you know just what to do Blow a tire you can buy another shoe Comes love nothing can be done Don’t try hidin? Cause there isn’t any use You’ll start slidin? When your heart turns on the juice Comes a headache you can lose it in a day Comes a toothache see the dentist right away Comes love nothing can be done! Comes a heat wave you can hurry to the shore Comes a summons you can hide behind the door Comes love Nothing can be done Comes the measles you can quarantine the room Comes a mousie you can chase it with a broom Comes love nothing can be done That’s all brother If you’ve ever been in love That’s all brother You know what I’m speaking of! Comes a nightmare you can always stay awake Comes depression you may get another break Comes love nothing can be done!
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