Spitfire - TV Star

Spitfire - TV Star
Исполнитель: Spitfire
Жанр Поп
Длительность 01:34
Битрейт 320 kbps
Правообладатель ЦЕЗИС
TV Star
320 kbps
In a magic desert light
Everything looks fine
Jewels are shining
Smiles don’t ever glow
The coolest guy in a golden suit
Walks into the room
Welcome to a TV show
Life may suck sometimes
May seem hard empty & boring
But the star we call
TVs gonna shine for us
And take away our worries
In a TV show I’m like an Astroman on Mars
Now I’ve reached my final destination
I’m on the screen
I’m saying hello to the whole nation (2X)

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